The Carnival - a circus musical



Over $58,000 raised

to support rebuilding the

Haven Amphitheatre stage

Thank you to our numerous supporters, donors and generous sponsors

Haven Promotions Incorporated (HPI) 

is a not-for-profit registered charity

established by residents of the City of Willoughby

specifically to support the Haven Amphitheatre

and its legacy of theatrical performance.

(ABN 74 858 977 931) 

 at The Concourse Theatre, Chatswood
Sonja Schebeck
Violin vituoso & Fire eater
Jessica O'Donoghue
Mezzo soprano with acrobats
Some of The Vodka Bats
Sonja Schebeck & Valda Wilson
The Silks
Allegra, Valda, Michaela
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 Andrew Frazer Photography 
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