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Still waiting for a new stage

Click to Oct 2022 Update: 

Q&A with Mayor re Future of The Haven



  • Council closed the Amphitheatre stage in early 2014 due to structural safety concerns.


  • The community clearly indicated that it wants a functional theatre at the Haven site suitable for future generations.


  • November 2015 - Council received a revised design option from its architect. Friends of the Haven and all interested community groups agreed in principle to this design option called 1A.


  • December 2016 - Council approved a Delayed Commencement Development Application. 


  • Haven Promotions Inc launched the fundraising to help Rebuild the Stage by producing Chloe Charody's circus opera, The Carnival, over 3 shows at The Concourse Theatre, Chatswood. Over $58,000 raised!

  • 2017 - Council approved an allocation of $544,000 in the 2017-18 Budget for the Haven Stage Renewal. This was half the estimated cost. The community and possible grants are to fund the remainder. A further Contingency of $300,000 was included in the Budget.

  • HPI presented another all star fundraising Leonard Cohen tribute concert at The Concourse in March 2018 featuring Canadian cabaret sensation Patricia O'Callaghan. 

  • Council approved a Development Application  in March 2018. ​All interested community groups expressed strong opposition to various aspects of this DA. Their submission to Council is available by clicking here. 

  • Councillors unanimously endorsed a New Plan of Management and a Landscape Plan for the Haven Amphitheatre, see General Council Meeting, Item 15.13 in Attachment Booklet 2, click here. ​Melanie Smith, Director Community Culture & Leisure, sought to address concerns raised by community groups and individuals, see final document on the Council website titled 'Additional information for Item 15.13'. 


  • Haven Community Coalition comprising representatives from each of the interested community groups convened in April 2021. The Coalition was unable to reach a consensus view in relation to the redevelopment of the Haven. 




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